Home and Community Based Services
through Medicaid Waiver

Finding solutions to some problems that face today's older adults is our mission. For those who meet nursing home criteria, but who would rather stay in their own home or in an assisted facility, the home and community based waiver may help.

Individuals who are age 65 or older may be eligible for home and community based services if they:
  1. Are eligible for Medicaid, including clients who pay for a portion of their medical expenses on a "spend down";
  2. Agree to participate in needs identification
    and choose to accept support services;
  3. Have needs which would otherwise require
    them to live in a nursing home; and
  4. Can be safely served at home at a cost not
    more than Medicaid would pay for nursing
    facility care.
Some of the services that may be provided under the program are:
  • In home help such as housekeeping, meals,
    personal care etc.
  • Adult day services and essential
  • Assisted living in a residential care

* Medicaid helps people whose income and assets aren't enough to pay for needed medical care. It is not the same as Medicare. 

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